Revoltech Kinnikuman Mini Review

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Revoltech Kinnikuman Review

Kinnikuman 07

Best Revoltech ever? Well, maybe. Some years back, when I was moving on to other lines like SH Figuarts and SAS, Revoltechs began to lose their appeal to me for various reasons. When Kinnikuman was announced, I decided to give Kaiyodo one more chance, and it paid off big. Keep in mind, this isn’t a full review with turnarounds and accessories and junk (that’s already been handled by Nuu), just some of my favorite shots along with some thoughts on the figure. Hit the jump for more!

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Hades Force emerges!

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Hades Pheyden

At least in my book, the Glyos Hades Force drop will go down as one of the best ever. I’ve been pining for a Hades since I came to the Glyos table relatively late. Matt provided that and more–production PVC scarves, and a whole crew of matching misfits to take down the Armorvor menace. Is there any classier combo than black, aqua, and glow in the dark?

Glyos Hades Force

Stealth Armorvor

As if all the Hades goodness wasn’t enough, we got a nice little bonus in the form of a Stealth Armorvor! The angular sculpt catches light so well, I can smell a ton of photo opportunities. I’m sure people will do some very nice things dyeing and airbrushing this guy. Almost makes me wish I had more than one.

Oh yeah, and the way the color turned out in that photo reaaally makes me want a Neo Voss Armorvor.

Sketchventure Time

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The toys on my desk right now.

For a sketch thread: “toys on your desk right now.” Beemo is so lovely. And I wish my Pheyden really did have a mushroom cap.

Xevoz Quick Slinger.

Annnnd a quick painting of my recently acquired Xevoz Quick Slinger. I love how two of his heads seem to be an homage to young Clint Eastwood and old man Clint. Xevoz truly was a great line.

The Hunt for HomuHomu

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Madoka Titus joins the hunt.

It goes on and on. C’mon, someone hook me up with a Redlaw Echomorph!

ThreeA and Clear Plastic

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Lately Ash has been all about the glow-in-the-dark variants. That’s cool, I have a healthy appreciation for GiD. But my true love is translucent plastic. Bring some clear vinyl & ABS to the party, and you’ve got a variant I’d kill a man for. Throw some Monster Kolor gloss on there, and you’ll have a bot that shines like it’s made of glass. Fingers crossed!

Translucent WWR Bertie Mk.2

Armorvors have landed!

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The big surprise of the Glyos Volkriun drop was the reveal of the production Venjorun Armorvor! This guy has been in development since last year, under the direction of TheGodBeast and Jason Frailey.

This little guy is really bulky and substantial, and separates into 17 separate Glyos system-compatible parts.

He comes with four head possibilities too–a wolf head, wolf-shaped helmet, an alternate face sculpted on the back of his helmet, and his backpack, which doubles as a robot drone-like head. Some folks over at OctoberToys are saying the face on the back of his helmet resembles the bull-like Stannic from the Callgrim Gears Edge comic.

Really awesome all around. I can’t wait to see what other colorways (and heads) could be waiting in the wings for future drops.

Traveler Chronicle

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Glyos Traveler Chronicle Scar Pheyden

I’ve really been feelin Glyos lately. Onell Design just celebrated their 5th anniversary, and capped off the Volkriun drop with the surprise reveal of the Armorvor (by TheGodBeast and Jason Frailey)! It’s an exciting time to be a a part of the community, and Matt & co. just keep pumping out great stuff. Here’s to five more years and beyond.


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